AMZ Advisers

Off Page SEO Project

About the company: is a full-service eCommerce & digital marketing consultancy with extensive experience in creating high-growth strategies for brands and manufacturers on the Amazon platform.

In 2018, our partners enjoyed $100,000,000+ in sales with many of them experiencing more than 100% increase in their year-over-year sales on the Amazon platform.

We believe that developing a robust eCommerce presence is integral for a business looking to maximize growth in the 21st century. Our custom strategies aim to make Amazon, the largest eCommerce marketplace, a powerful sales channel and the centerpiece of every company’s eCommerce presence.

Long-term growth requires developing alternative sales channels, and we compliment every client’s eCommerce strategy by bringing them to additional eCommerce platforms, developing powerful sales funnels and creating websites designed to convert shoppers into customers.

Project Details

This is a 6-month project for Guest Post campaigns with the goal of gathering regular contributions every month.

Key takeaway: Negotiation is the key to success in building backlinks. Sometimes even if the webmaster says no, as long as you show them that you got good intent it would definitely work out.

February 2021 to the end of July 2022. A steady increase in the site’s DR can be seen. Trained their content team to optimize pages with keywords and run email campaigns for newly posted blogs. Built relationships with webmasters to the point where they got 15 regular guest posts a month