Off-Page and On-Page SEO project

About the company:

20four7VA offers comprehensive virtual assistant services for small to medium-sized businesses and freelance owners. Our services include hiring, training, monitoring, and payment processing. The company strives to find the best virtual assistants worldwide and equip them with the necessary skills and tools for our clients.

20four7VA search for and discover talented VAs, hire individuals with the right combination of skills and attitudes, and provide training to equip them with the necessary knowledge. Our VA Management Website and App make it easy for clients to manage their virtual assistants or teams.

Our commitment to helping clients scale their businesses through virtual staffing is unwavering, and it’s eager to help manage the challenges of running a business.

About the project:

The task was simple: provide 20-hour support for off-page link-building campaigns. The mission was clear: follow the MOZ standard with a DA 32. The first step was to run an audit and fix all technical site issues. The result? Traffic flowed better, and the site ranking improved.
But I didn’t stop there. Regular guest post submissions were also part of the game plan. It was challenging, but I am committed to delivering the best results possible.

I worked tirelessly, never wavering in our focus, knowing every minute counted. I tracked the project’s progress closely, ensuring I was on target and delivering value to our client.

And the results were astounding. The off-page link-building campaigns were a resounding success, generating high-quality traffic to the site and improving its ranking.

It was a job well done, and I am proud of what I accomplished. But I knew that our work was never indeed done. That’s why I continued to strive for excellence, always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our off-page link-building campaigns and provide even greater value to our clients.

This started around February 2021, with continuous improvement of on-page campaigns and website strategies the ranking including Ahref’s DR improved over time.