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How Working from Home Improved My Life as a Mother

Working from home as freelancer has changed my life in more ways than I ever imagined. Initially, my decision to take up freelancing got driven by the desire to have more flexibility in my life, travel, and regain control over my time. However, as I delved deeper into freelancing, I realized that it has made me more responsible and disciplined in managing my tasks and caring for my family.

Taking back control of your life

Since I became a freelancer, there are no excuses for not being able to meet my responsibilities. I can now do what I want when I want and from wherever I want, while my clients pay me as long as I get the job done. It has given me more confidence to take on greater responsibilities in my life.

One of the greatest joys at working from home is the freedom that comes with it. I can spend more time raising my daughter, which is a challenging task in this era of technology and its associated distractions. As a freelancer, I have provided the guidance, attention, and time my daughter needs to grow and develop. I can also help her with her daily studies, assignments, and exams.

Financial Freedom

As a freelancer, I no longer have to worry about the expenses and time required to commute to and from the office. I can spend my time and money on more important things like my daughter’s tuition fees, her toys, and my family. Additionally, I can cook for my family while taking a break from work, and I can choose to work in comfortable clothes or pajamas if I desire.

Work-Life Balanced

Freelancing has given me control over my life, enabling me to work from bed at my own pace and comfort. I have become my boss, which has been a great experience. While I initially feared losing my corporate job and benefits, freelancing has taught me that there are many more rewarding things in life. One most important things is the freedom and happiness that come with doing something you love and enjoying the company of your loved ones. I am grateful for the decision to embrace freelancing, which has made me a better and happier mom.

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