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Breaking the Myth: Yes, You Can Make a Living from Freelancing

The COVID pandemic has changed the world, lives, schooling, and how we make money. It impacted every one of us, no doubt. Some of my friends lost their jobs or stopped working. Even our Ramen Restaurant was already closed cause everybody was afraid; nobody wanted to dine in restaurants. Overall, earnings dwindled while expenses remained.

Experts predict that COVID will stay for a few years more. Many companies will struggle, and some may not survive. The job market shakes up. A few companies may lay off people and hire freelancers instead—an opportunity for freelancers like me to showcase our skills and grab longer-term contracts.

Working from home saved my life. The number of freelancers increased; it’s a good and bad thing. Bad that businesses are struggling, but good that the world embraces it as a way to continue operations. As an SEO Analyst and Outreach Specialist, working from home is my primary source of living, my pandemic lifesaver.

If you’re still doubting freelancing, the best time to prepare is now. Invest your time in online training, and educate yourself. Update your resume, ensure you have the right tools, and learn software often used by clients. Free training is available online, and I offer free training to Filipinos who want to start from scratch.

A college degree may become an advantage, but it’s not required. Communication in English with clients is what matters. Prepare for interviews, practice your spill, relax, compose yourself, focus, and smile.
It’s not easy, and you need help to start. It took me years to reach where I am now. I’ll never forget the day I took that giant step that changed my life. Hard work and preparation make it all worth it. Soon, you’ll have the work-life balance you’ve always wanted.


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